The importance of being known

When it comes to building a brand or a business, anonymity is not an option.

Businesses need their audiences to know about them, that is what not only drives growth, but also helps maintain a status-quo and minimises the risk of retraction. As the country sits on the brink of recession, doing what you can to increase income – or at the very least avoid losing it – is going to prove vital.

It used to be that the term “we grow by word of mouth” was an excuse used by business owners to avoid investing in marketing and PR.

In today’s ever connected digital world though, it is nigh on impossible to not have some sort of market presence. ‘Word of mouth’ (otherwise known as recommendations and endorsements) has become one of the most powerful communication tools for growth. The difference though is that the businesses that grow the quickest are the ones who invest in driving, controlling and manipulating the conversations. They instigate the spreading of the word by maintaining a presence everywhere their customers or clients are. They provide their contacts with reasons to talk about them by giving them content to like, share or comment on. In other words, they invest in being known.

There is one big thing that business owners who don’t put the resources into building a profile should be most worried about; the fact that their competitors will be shouting louder than them and getting in front of their customers. Out of sight can mean out of mind.

I’m not saying that every business needs everyone to know about them, but every business will have a specific audience it needs to know about them and certain messages it wants its existing and potential customers to hear. Every business should therefore be asking itself three simple questions:

  • Who do you want to be known by?
  • What do you want to be known for?
  • How do you want to be known?

Having clear answers to those will help you understand where you need to have a presence, what your messaging needs to be and what tone of voice you should be taking, all of which will guide the content you create.

If you want your business to thrive, then you need to ‘Be.Known for what you do best’.

David Martin is CEO of Be Known Communications.


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