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Use LinkedIn to become a business influencer and generate new leads…

LinkedIn is fast becoming the most powerful B2B content and sales platform


One of our key specialisms is using LinkedIn as a communications tool.

In fact, you will not find another full-service communications agency in the UK that does what we do on LinkedIn.

Unlike many ‘LinkedIn consultants’ we use our experience in public relations, marketing, sales and journalism to dictate our LinkedIn strategies.

Over the last couple of years we have been fine tuning a formula for LinkedIn that is driven by the understanding that the work we do for you has to speak for itself in delivering a return on investment.

connection building

We will build your connections so that, like an established business magazine, you have a large audience of relevant people reading and engaging with the content you publish. We won't hit and hope and connect you with anyone. Instead we have purpose built models for targeting the connections who matter to your business. The more people you can talk to, the more sales leads you can generate, but you have to be speaking to the right people.

content publishing

LinkedIn is a publishing platform that allows you to control the content and messaging that you make public. Like any non-social publisher, it carries short form comment pieces, large articles and video. Our in-house team of trained journalists, experienced PR professionals and talented video producers will create bespoke, one-off content specifically for your use. We use our custom 4-1-1-1 content model to make sure you are publishing the right content at the right time.

business influencing

You don't need to have a profile or ego the size of Lord Sugar or Sir Richard Branson to be a business influencer. Every industry has a raft of individuals who have the knowledge or experience to influence the way their peers think. The crux of everything we do culminates in establishing you as an influencer in your particular sector or industry. It is by doing this that your existing and future clients grow to recognise your name and learn to trust you as an expert worth dealing with.

lead generation

Building a reputation as a business influencer is all well and good, but if you are not taking pro-active steps to turn your raised profile in to solid sales leads, then you are wasting a valuable opportunity to drive income streams. We have spent a number of years fine tuning a lead generation process that has led to the creation of our unique 'LinkedIn Content & Sales Cycle' model. This is a completely organic method of creating your own audience, delivering content to them and pro-actively (but gently) converting them into new business leads.

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