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Be Known came about when a person driven by the desire to generate business leads, got together with a person driven by the thrill of managing reputations.

We realised that when matched together, we could deliver the outcomes that finance directors value (attributable return on investment), CEO’s crave (business growth and a high personal profile) and marketing directors are judged on (market exposure).

We set out to create business influencers and have hit on a formula that does this. Some of what we do is public relations in its most traditional way, other bits have taken the same principles that have built business influencers for centuries, but manipulated them for the digital era.

What we want to be known for

Formal Informality

We do corporate communications in a very non-corporate way. We’ll happily sit around a boardroom table with you, but would rather talk the same talk on sofas.

This approach helps to create long lasting client relationships, often becoming client friendships. It helps breed trust and understanding and fosters an environment that heightens creativity and conversation.

Creating business influencers

It’s the crux of what we do.

Whether it is positioning an individual director as a thought leading industry expert, or a company as being at the forefront of its sector, we build up personal and corporate brands and use them to exert influence.

Going the extra mile

We find it really hard to say no to our clients, so generally if they ask for a favour, we give it to them.

We’ve all worked in places where client time allocation was carefully ticked off and over servicing was frowned upon by share holders. Quite frankly, that’s not our style!

Understanding lead generation

We’ve spent quite a while analysing what makes people engage with content and what helps shape their decision making when it comes to going from interested party to potential business lead.

Clever Communications

There is also a lot of science behind the psychology of how to communicate, how people respond to messaging and how to influence people’s decision making process. We factor all of this in so that everything you say counts.

Be Genuine

We want to be trusted for our integrity. To us that means being genuine in the way we stick to our principles of offering the best advice (even if it isn’t what you want to hear), and doing so in a friendly way.

One Team
Endless Skillsets

The Buck Stops Here

We don’t really believe in having a top team (our whole team is top notch in our mind), but when it comes down to it, the buck stops with these two…

David Martin

CEO and wannabe funny man. David has been at this game longer than his hairline…

Christina Papathanasiou

Christina worked as a journalist in her native Australia, before going into communications…


Be Known Group

The Be known Group is a collection of businesses that are all focussed on corporate communications and the creation of business influencers. This includes:



A creative communications agency for the corporate world.

Film production for everything from online content to major shoots.

A digital marketing agency that drives engagement with your existing and future customers.


we’ve worked with

getting you known

Our senior leadership team has over 50 years experience between them. Having worked with brands across the globe, there is no better team to help you get Known.

CP clear

Christina papathanasiou

client Director

DM clear

David Martin

Chief executive Officer

Rami El-BOghdadly

Chief Digital Strategist 

You’re in a good hands

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David Martin

CEO and wannabe funny man

David has been at this game longer than his hairline and boyish looks suggest. In fact, he has worked in PR and journalism for over 20 years.

Having initially trained and qualified as a journalist, David has written for publications around the world, both with his own by-line and as a ghostwriter for globally recognisable business leaders and celebrities.

David has an excellent track record in establishing business influencers through the building of personal and corporate brands. He has been responsible for advising on everything from corporate positioning strategies to consumer focused, sales led campaigns. He is also an experienced crisis management handler, having managed the media in numerous high pressure situations, including international humanitarian disasters and sensitive high court cases.

Christina Papathanasiou

Client Director

Christina worked as a journalist in her native Australia and has experience of working on the editorial and marketing side of publishing. She moved into communications when coming to the UK, initially working in the social and digital teams at the NSPCC and Design Council, before joining a business communications agency. 
At Be Known, Christina has worked across our portfolio of clients providing them with strategic advice as well and rolling her sleeves up to deliver the day to day services.